British  Weta  Class Association

SALES & WANTS Secondhand boats are always in demand but seldom available. If you have not found time to use yours as much as you had hoped, advertise it here and let someone else join the fun. To place an ad email with your copy.

We do not have a dealer at the moment but if you want a new boat we will get you one from Europe. Second hand boats are available from time to time. Pete Cailes   01425 618195


Weta complete ready to sail £11,900. This price includes FREE road trailer. Contact Pete!


The current price for a Weta in Europe is 15,900 euros (15,000GBP)!

An RS400 is about £1000 more


Interested = Give me a call 07725341191

Contact Pete Cailes



From Pete

WINTER SALE 1 Feb 2021

Sale items available below: Now we are all looking to get back on the

water it's time to get our boats together; I have a few items for sale

at greatly reduced  prices. These are being sold by me not Wetamarine,

and yes, it's all  legit!  First come first served!

 > 1 Prod New - £110.00 + p&P if required. Save £110.00

 > 1 Mast-up cover £300.00 + P&P if required Save £231.00

 > 1 daggerboard £300.00 + P&P  if required save £300.00

 > 2 North Main Sails £430.00 + P&P if required save £421.00 (each)

 > 1 Gaastra main sail £325.00 + P&P if required save £325.00

 > 2 Original rudder blades pre spitfire wing £125.00 + P&P if required

save £125.00 (each).

     I also have three trampolines that need minimal repair. If

anyone's  interested please  let me know £90.00 each save £147.00 + P&p

if required.

 > All items are brand new.



18 OCT 2021

WETA ADVERTISED ON Apollo duck £3200 incl trailer yellow Sail No 130


Steve Ridley

Chubb Tor

Seymour Rd




WETA 116 for sale contact Pete Cailes (tel no above}